Color Associations

We associate colors with everything moods, seasons, times of the day, even the alphabet, tastes, or sounds.

Some of our responses to colors are products of cultural conditioning, but mostly they are linked to physical reaction within our brains.

We each have our own filters for receiving and interpreting, but today I have a list of the most common associations of color on humans.

Yellow - joy, sun, summer, bright, friendly

Green - nature, spring, health, fresh, organic

Blue - winter, water, ice, loyalty, soothing, peaceful

Red - blood, passion, danger, spicy, seductive, anger

Purple - royalty, wealth, creativity, dreamy, feminine

Orange - fire, autumn, citrus, invigorating, refreshing

Gray - indifference, maturity, practical, gloomy

White - purity, peace, clean, empty, classy

Black - sophistication, night, mystery, mournful

Fun Fact - Most people choose blue as their favorite color.

What is your favorite color and why?

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  1. I stumbled on the realization of color associations 2 decades ago. I'm constantly aware and amazed at what colors do to me and to other people. My favorite color is green. I've discovered it's just "my" color--it calms me, rejuvenates me, and inspires my creativity. I'm also attracted to various shades of brown (at least for now!)

  2. Green is my favorite too, most of the time.
    I even blogged about all the funny lime green things I collected lately! I also love white-the absence of color. My favorite room has white cabinets, white sofa and chair. I do change my mind about my fav, so white is a perfect backdrop for the indecisive person!

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous pictures that were chosen for color association, we had to study these a lot in college. We also studied how color association varies between countries. It's so interesting. I am glad you posted it, serves as inspiration and creativity for the day =)

  4. As for my favorite color, it is a hard hard choice between green and purple, but I think it's green over purple, hehe

  5. i used to be so picky about colors but since having my son i love them all. i think of my fave color as a rainbow lol! it used to be purple on its own. funny how circumstance changes things :)


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