Photo's to Inspire - Geometic Shapes

If you have looked at at my jewelry in my Etsy Shop you will notice a theme. I love circles. Really, I love all geometric shapes, so this weeks collection of Flickr inspiration's are photo's of unexpected items in geometric shapes.

Oval Window, Eastman House by rochpaul5

Squircle Set by cobalt123

What visual images inspire you? Let me know and I will pull together a Flickr collection, and share that you are the source of inspiration for the week they are posted.

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  1. What a great series of photos! I love the Square Circle mosaic and that oval window.

    The thing that inspires me the most as far as images goes is water and water themed images. Which is weird because my medium is hot molten glass.

  2. I love the window and triangles, lovely pics. I am most inspired by pictures of beautiful jewelry pieces by other etsians and pictures of handmade lampwork beads. This does not mean that I use someone's else's designs tho:D it just makes me think visually of what I can do with my beads and move from the computer to play with them:)

  3. wow it's real art.
    My favorite is
    Squared Circle Mosaic by krazydad /jbum
    Such pictures inspire me a lot.


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