Movies and Inspiration

Have you ever noticed when you are watching a movie you are looking around at everything but the actors on screen? I have missed scenes checking out a necklace on someone in the background, or the shape of a building. I find movies to be a big source of inspiration.

In movies you can see places and things you don't see in your everyday life, as well as learn about different lifestyles, and time periods.

I have created many piece from furniture, other jewelry, or buildings I saw in movies. If you look around while watching a movie or even a TV show, you will see several things that might inspire an idea.

I recently saw the movie Up in the Air and I loved the shots of the ground from airplane. The shapes and colors gave me several new ideas I could being to my work, and I really liked the movie too!

Of course movies about artists such a Pollock or Frieda are another source of inspiration seeing how they created and what was behind their desire to create.

Spend some time this weekend checking out the background of a movie. See how many new ideas you can come up with, that inspire new designs.

What movie has inspired you to create?
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