Awaken Your Creativity - Goal Project

Creating a strategic plan and goal setting, are important to achieving success. You should review your plan and goals often, to reinforce your desire for success. As creative people inspiring visuals elements make the task of reviewing that information easier.

There are several ways to make your goal list visual pleasing. Your could create a collage that you could hang on the wall as a daily visual reminder. Your collage could include words, phrases, and photo's that show what your are trying to achieve.
How about a planner, you can create your own easily. Check out Make your own Planner on the Creativity Prompt Blog, you can customize it to meet your strategic plan needs.

Another great idea is to create vision cards. You have two options for creating these, one work on a regular sheet of heavy paper that you can cut the cards down to the size you want, or at the craft store you can buy packs of artist trading cards and create directly on them. On the trading cards you can collage on one side and write your your goal on the other and when you are done wrap them in packing tape or laminate them so they are protected. You can pin them on a board or keep the stack of cards close to your work area and review them daily or when you need a little motivation.

A simple list works well too. Typed or handwritten, post it where you can review it often.

However you choose to prepare your goals is up to you, you just want them to inspire you to work toward them everyday. Have fun creating!

Do you have any other creative ideas for your goal list?

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  1. Wow thats pretty cool...I think I will stick with the simple list! I would get to into the creative one and that would turn into a project for me which would lead me off point...which happened when I tried to make an inspiration board!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out :)
    Much appreciated!

    Happy holidays!

  3. I've not thought about making my goal list attractive before!


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