Photo's to Inspire - Rock Formations

When I was young I loved rocks. I wanted to grow up and be a geologist, until someone told me I would have to study science, and I hated science. So, I did the next best thing, creating jewelry and working with gemstones.

This week I have amazing Flickr photo's of rocks formation from all over the world. Their beauty will inspire you to see new colors, shapes, pattern, and textures. After you check out the picture as a whole, check out all the little details, maybe you will find something new to inspire you.

Lower Antelope Canyon by Rod Monkey

The Rocks of Fistral #5 by Aubrey Stoll

Layer (rock) cake 1 by felixspencer2

Camel Rock at Sunset by Kevin Eddy

Devils Garden - Arches NP by Tucapel

It was hard for me to choose just this small colletion, I could have added lots more. If you want to see more use the tags rocks and canyon when you are on Flickr, and enjoy the beauty of our world.

Leave me a comment on what inspires you, and I will share with everyone that you are the source of inspiration for the photo's in the post.
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  1. I love rocks and nature period. Me and my husband like to slow down and enjoy the moments of this beautiful planet. The photos you chose are great!

  2. Beautiful photographs! A good photographer friend of mine has just embarked on a trip and it looks like stopped in the same location as that first photograph. Some truly beautiful flickr pictures of his in the same area: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tallphish/page16/

  3. FarrenSquare thanks for sharing that link, what beatuiful pictures. I know the canyon is somewhere in CO. I hope to have a chance to go their one day.


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