Inspiration Everywhere

Last Friday I shared with you about my weekend plans in the post Creative Happenings. My family and I went to Chicago's Navy Pier and enjoyed a wonderful day.

The art at SOFA was truly amazing! Their were artist from all over the world in almost every medium, and the displays were just as unique as all the very special art.

When I go to art events they inspire me to want to take my art to the next level, and the this show got my creative juices flowing. I see new and exciting hardware inspirations coming soon.

Do you have an event in your area that inspires you?

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  1. I find inspiration in every event I attend, be it craft shows, bead shows, non crafting events...I think as artists, we view the world with a different eye...

  2. Mich, you are right every event art or non art can be inspiring.

    It drives my family crazy when we go into a nice resturant and I all I can talk about is the cool light fixtures, or paintings on the wall, even the table settings.

  3. I agree! Inspiration is EVERYWHERE. It's amazing what we see when we look at everyday, ordinary things (like the light fixtures) :)


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