Explore - Creative Obstacles

You were born with everything you need to be creative
You don't have to wait for a muse to give you inspiration;
You don't have to wait until you know everything about your craft.
You only need to get still and listen to yourself.
Tara Leigh from How to be Creative if you never thought you could

As artists we create our own obstacles. We have a tendency to compare ourselves to other artists, other shops, and how we run our business. Not taking into consideration that if we are not creative in one area we are in others, not to mention learning anything is possible.

A couple of obstacles in the creative process are
FEAR - our inner critic and EXCUSES - waiting for inspiration.

The creative process require is a little courage, also
- Surrounding yourself with the tools you need
- Finding what inspires and encourages you
- Practicing often

Trust the voice inside of you that has never stopped telling you that you need to create.

What are your creative obstacle's? How do you overcome them?

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  1. Well this post came as an answer to my own struggle these days. I wanted to write something similar about my experience on my blog and now I definitely will. Looking at someone else's work to much will not help, it just might bring someone down or stop him from developing his own style. I decided to stop looking too much and tried listening to myself, my inner feelings and likes. I decided to let my hands and heart do what they want.
    Thanks for this post!

  2. My biggest obstacle is staying organized. I never have a set schedule and feel like I am spinning wheels some times. I overcome this by setting 2 business oriented goals every day and sticking to them and getting them done. Then I know I at least got 2 things done. Creativity wise this helps me stay on track! What a great post, I will be passing it along!

  3. LOVE the quote... I think it's spot on! God is the original creator & He's placed bit of His creativity in all of us - I LOVE IT! :)
    Thanks for sharing.


  4. To create something is magical - it might as well appear out of thin air! We are truly blessed that creativity is a part of our daily lives.

    Its true that some days I am not feeling as creatively inspired as other days but I like what you quoted at the top of the page - we just need to sit still and listen to our inner selves.

    I think this blog has inspired me to write my own about creative triggers - what triggers you?

  5. Frustration. When something doesn't turn out the way I want it to, I walk away. Inevitably, it it works out when I come back to it.

  6. I struggle with the voice of my inner critic. I get big ideas in my head and when I sit down to create I start to question if it is a good or not.

    When I need to slience my inner critic I turn on a book on CD and get engrossed into the story. I listen to whats happening in the story and let my hands create. I have turned out some of my best pieces while listening to a good story.

    I want to thank everyone who shared today. Together we can keep each other on our creative path and grow as artists.


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