Photo's to Inspire - Butterflies

A couple of weeks ago WonderfulWire commented on how tiny nature (bugs, sea creatures, beetles...) touches a deep part of her and is her source of inspiration, and she expresses that in the amazing wire pieces she sells her Etsy Shop.

I personally am not a big fan of bugs, but I went on Flickr to check it out. I did not see many bugs that inspired me, but the butterflies are amazing. Check out the colors and designs on these very cool tiny creatures they are like miniature pieces of art.

untitled by timboyslim

DSXo3133 by Navaneeth101's photostream

Striped Blue Crow by Kenneth Er

A Red Admiral Butterfly by Fletty Flicks Photostream

Thanks WonderWire for the inspiration this week.

Leave me a comment on what inspires you, and I will share with everyone that you were the source of inspiration for the photo's in the post.

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  1. The butterflies are absolutely amazing!! God is such an artist!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us! They are amazing.


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