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I read a lot of blogs, and when I ran across this idea I just had to share. While in the Etsy Fourms I saw a post for a blog called Peebs And Roo. This blog has started a bi-weekly creativity challenge that is easy, fun, and anyone can participate.

Adrienne, the writer of the blog and creator of this challenge answered a few questions about why she decided to start this challenge:

Q: What type of art do you create and how did you get started?

A: I love to do paper crafts and alter old items. I have been making gifts for family and friends for quite sometime now. It's more personal as a gift then a store-bought item. I've been scrapbooking since my son was born, 6 years ago. I love paper! You can do so much with it (thanks to Modge Podge!). Also, I've been getting a little more into fabric, so I'm trying my hand at sewing. Well, learning to at least sew a straight line anyway! LOL!

Q: Why did you decide to start the challenge?

A: I love to do challenges. But there never seems to be any challenges where it is so versatile. I wanted to do something where anybody could take part in it. Especially if you are an artist/crafter who likes to do more than one type of art (i.e. jewelry and painting), with the challenges you could choose whichever medium you wish to work with or you could do both if you choose. It doesn't matter. Most of the challenges I see are only directed to one form of art. For instance, go to a scrapbooking site and all you see is scrapbooking challenges. I know there are some out there that are versatile like mine, but there aren't that many. Plus you usually have to buy (not necessarily from the site) some sort of material in order to do the challenge. I want the artists to just have fun with it and to try and use what they already have. Plus, I like to see everybody's individual talents!

Q: How do challenges help with your creative process?

A: I think that with challenges, it gets those creative juices flowing. Actually, if I get stuck in a rut and have no idea what to make, I'll pick a word (or have someone like my hubby give me a word) and start from there. I write down anything associated with that word and think about what it is I could make. I don't think of design or colors just yet. Personally, I think that's why I get stuck in the first place. If I see of a color pallete I really like, I want to use it, but for what? Then, I get stuck. So, I put that to the side and just start thinking of a word. Based off that, I have come up with a few things on what I can make. For instance, my father in-law LOVES to golf. So, for a Christmas gift one year, I took the word "golf" and came up with all sorts of things that associated with the word. I ended up making a great gift basket with all sorts of golf items (some made, some bought) decorated or made my own packaging and viola! A perfect gift for an avid golfer! He loved it! If it hadn't been for this challenge, I probably would've just bought something that would be collecting dust in his den.

Today at Peebs And Roo's blog a new challenge is posted.

The rules are easy, create what you want based on the theme, work with what you have, and have fun. You can also send in a photograph of what you create to a special Flickr group page she started just for this challenge, and possibly be featured on her blog.

Visit her shop - PeebsAndRoo.etsy.com
Blog - peebsandroo.blogspot.com
Facebook - facebook.com/pages/Peebs-And-Roo
Twitter - twitter.com/PeebsAndRoo
Flickr - flickr.com/photos/prchallenges

Go to Peebs And Roo right now and have fun creating!!

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  1. I love challenges that lots of people can take part in. Off to check out her blog.


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