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I am one of those people who follow trends. Now I don't always go by the current trends when I design my jewelry, but I think it is important to know what is going on in our world today, and if you can use a trend, include it for an extra selling feature.

I am really into magazine's, books, and searching online, for trends in a variety of different mediums. I am open to anything, fine art, fashion, music, films, metal, food, nature, home furnishings, and what ever is hot at the time. I have found in all my searching that there are very few new ideas, just designers creating by reinventing the world around us.

All this information can be helpful, by providing you a direction to follow, but it is easy to absorb to much information at once. I know, when I sit down with a stack of magazines, get absorbed into looking at the pictures, I end up with more info then I want or need in my head. Lately I have gotten into the habit of having a note pad with me so I can write down all the important trends and happenings I want to remember.

It is very important to be selective with your sources. When you find what works for you then use them to develop a focused range of designs.

Remember if your mind is open anything can trigger a creative spark. The trick is to be able to select the best route to follow.

Do you follow trends? Does it help with your creative process?

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  1. I think just being open to what's around you can be incredibly helpful to the creative process!

  2. Hmmm... you've put a positive spin on trends that's making me rethink my normal process. I'm in the rut I like and don't often look out.

  3. I love trends too, but I also love using a current trend and slightly tweaking it to my own style. Actually, my style is currently changing, but I tweak the trends to match what I feel our style is at the time. :)

  4. I too would like to look at trends and see if I could work with them in and around what I already create. I don't want to get caught up in the trend itself... usually I kind of ignore them but I find what you've put forth, interesting... I will look into it, Thanks :)

  5. I think as artists trends are a guide. We see what's out their, add our own spin, and something wonderful happens.

    Thanks for sharing everyone!


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