Photo's to Inspire

Last week Esque from inkihandmade.blogspot.com and inkihandmade.etsy.com, commented that lately she has been inspired by nautical images. Today we have some nautical images from Flickr.

Colorful Buoy by WNAbrams' photostream

A Nautical Disaster by reflectionsofthenorth's photostream

Nautical Silhouette by Damian Gadal's Photostream

Nautical Abstract by JB Photo's photostream

Leave me a comment on what inspires you, and I will share with everyone that you were the source of inspiration for the photo's in the post.

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  1. That compass is awesome - what a great shot.

    Nature inspires me. Most of my photos are of the outdoors. Going on a trip to the Smoky Mountains in a few weeks - I hope to return with a TON of new pics :)

    Great blog you have here!

  2. oh i love nautical items :D


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