Have you been to 1000 Markets lately?

I have been on 1000 Markets for almost a year. I started on the site because it was beautiful and offered a variety of markets for the buyer to search. I am thrilled to be part of such a wonderful site.

Well they have recently redone the site and it looks great!

It has inspired me to update my shop as well. Now when you go to my page you can check out my collections to find things quickly. I also have all my new piece on the first page.

Take a look at my new format by clicking on the box below.

One of the best features of this site are the markets. I currently belong to six markets and each has their own focus and are filled with wonderful artists.

Handmade Haven - The Amazing Place to Buy Handmade

Jewelry Artisans' Marketplace - Unique Styles From Classic to Exotic

Metalcraft - The Finest Handcrafted Metal

Windy City - Chicago's Finest Artisans

Try Handmade Market - Art to enrich your life

I am very excited about this market, it has take a long time to get going but it is a great place to find handcrafted items just for men.

So, check out all the amazing shops on 1000 Markets, and if you are an artists, consider opeing a shop and becoming part of a great community.
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