Creativity Boost - A New View

I normally work in my basement, with no windows and it's little dark. I do everything from down there, office work, make jewelry, take pictures, it is my work area. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have a space I can call my own, but sometimes it can be a little gloomy.

This week has been beautiful outside, sunny and pleasant. I have brought my laptop upstairs opened up my french doors and been working in the dining room (luckily its a room we don't use very often). It has been great. I can see the birds, hear them chirping, and just enjoy the outside while I work. Here is my view.

These last few days have made me realise that sometimes you need a change of scenery to get your creative juices flowing. Since I have been upstairs I have come up with new designs, marketing, and blog ideas. I feel rejuvenated to back downstairs and get started on some new projects.

Give it a try work someplace new, and see how your creativity gets a boost.
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  1. That's so true- a change of scenery does spark different ideas!

  2. Definately! My main workspace is not a basement but does not get too much light either.. what i did this summer is just step outside the door.. and wow how it works!! Must be lovely to work while listening to all those birdies! good for you!!

  3. I agree! I have my own art room, but it is amazing how often I get my best work done outside of my workspace.


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