Business Tip Tuesday - Change

Change is difficult
It causes fear of the unknown or fear of failure
It disrupts the routine
It can cause you to feel uncomfortable and unbalanced
But it can also prevent success

Change is important to fulfilling your goals and desires. You need to really look at what is not working and start by determining what small changes you can do to make it work. By changing a little at a time you avoid the discomfort that making any major change can cause.

Review your business, you shop, your plan and see what needs to be changed, make a plan to start slow, change only one thing at a time. It will be easier to face your feelings about those changes and you will readily accept it and even welcome it, feeling less stressed and positive about your future goals.

Change is good!

What has been holding you back because you know it will be difficult to change? Are your ready for change?
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1 comment:

  1. How timely! I'm just evaluating my little business this week. Looking forward to change. It's not good to just keep doing the same old, same old with out looking at what works and where you're going!


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