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Create and Idea Box

Block out some time to take a break from your usual routine and from your work space. Go to the park, a museum or even the mall, and start writing down ideas as they come to you. Don't limit yourself to just ideas for your art or even your medium, jot down everything that comes to you, you never know where those ideas can take you. You may want to use note cards or some other small paper so you can put one idea on each sheet.

As well as your idea sheets, you can also put pictures from magazines, objects you collect, or samples of things you have worked on and want to rethink.

Next, take all your ideas and put them in a box. Any kind of box will do, you just want to be able to access it easily from your work area. You can decorate your box any way you would like, and a decorated box will just make it extra special.

Taking a break is a great way to get started your idea box, and so is trying to incorporate some regular break time into your schedule. But don't forget that ideas come to you all the time, which is why you should always carry a small notebook, so you can jot down those ideas and throw them into your idea box.

Now when you are stuck for an idea, or not feeling inspired pull out your idea box and pull out a couple of your ideas. Take a few minutes to expand on the idea, how can you make it different, what else can it be used for, how can it be better. This process will help you create more uses for your product and can inspire you in a new direction. It will also help you to move forward on a project you are already working on.

We come up with ideas all the time even if we don't remember them, this is a great way to not let that great idea slip away.

How do you store your ideas?
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  1. try to remember to carry my little notebook, always have a small camera and save hundreds of pics on my computer. loved your box idea!!

  2. That's an absolutely brilliant idea!!
    Sometimes I'm just like that-blah. Nothing will come to me. Then other times I'm overrun with good ideas.
    So why not store them before I forgot!?
    In my Idea box :D


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