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Earlier this week I did a post about time management. You can read it here.

As I was reading my online newsletters and came across Carve out Time for Online Networking by Alyson B. Stanfield of ArtBizCoach.com, which has some good tips for making time for your online networking. This is a section of the newsletter, you can read the entire newsletter at Art Biz Coach.com.

Carve out Time for Online Networking
In order to avoid being overwhelmed by all of the social media opportunities available, you might be best served by carving out time for them, This isn't something you do in a block of time one day a week. Instead, you need to do a little bit every day. I suggest starting with 15 - 30 minutes a day for logging in to sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. That's enough to create and maintain a presence.

You could spend longer on these sites, but I advise you to monitor your time. It's easy to get caught up in other people's tweets, questions, and photos. Whenever you catch yourself doing this, stop and remember that you only have 15 - 30 minutes. Ask yourself: Do I really need to spend time on this right now? Is it the best use of my time? This awareness will pull you back to reality and what is most important for your art business.

Tara Reed of Art Licensing Info has a Twitter philosophy to reduce your stress about this fast-paced site. She calls it the "Zen of Twitter".

Don't worry about what you might have missed when you weren't looking,
just assume that the tweets you are meant to see are the ones on the screen
when you are inspired to look.

It's perfect, and it might easily be applied to Facebook and Linkedin. Look only at what's on the screen. There's no need to dig for older posts.

In carving out time in your schedule for online networking, select a time of day that is best for you and your working rhythms. For instance, if your best creative time is 9 am to noon, don't spend your time on the computer during those hours--unless you use the computer to make your art! One last piece of sage advice is to use a timer. Set your timer to the minutes you have allotted and spend no more time than that. It's amazing what you can accomplish under the pressure of an anticipated buzzer.

Copyright 2009 Alyson B. Stanfield. Alyson takes the mystery out of marketing your art and making more money as an artist. Visit http://www.artbizcoach.com to get articles just like this one delivered to your inbox.

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