Business Tip Tuesday - Your Elevator Pitch

You only have 10 seconds upon meeting someone to capture their attention. Studies have shown that you only have 9 seconds to keep someones attention before their mind starts to wandering.

When someone asks you what do you do - do you always know what you are going to say? That's why we all need an elevator pitch.

Your pitch should be descriptive enough to want the listener to engage in a conversation about your work and compel them to want to see what you do.

Your pitch should include:
○Your name (if you have not already said it)

○The type of art you create

○Descriptive language that helps the listener imagine what your work looks like

It does not have to be long, remember you only have 10 seconds, just make it enticing enough so the listener wants more. Once you have your pitch written down, and I suggest you write it down until it is just the way you want it, start practicing it over and over until it rolls off your tongue easily.

Every person you meet is a possible customer, so be prepared to always put your best foot forward and promote, promote, promote.

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  1. That is a very interesting concept.
    Kinda like first impressions.
    We learned that first impressions are essential when meeting someone.
    Thanks for the next blog idea :D

  2. Hm. I need to work on that. Thanks for the tip!

  3. This is so important! If you go to the 15 second pitch site, they have a little tool that helps you come up with this. Great blog post!

  4. Florence, thanks for the tip on the 15 second pitch site!

  5. Great advice for how to develop the elevator pitch. I'll put this to use.


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