From Idea to Reality - A Series

Since the launch of my new collection ♦VIBRANT ♦ HARDWARE♦ in my Etsy shop, I have been thinking a lot about the process of coming up with a design and making it a reality. I did a lot of research for my new collection, on products to use, design concepts, and of course color choices.
In this series I will share with you design concepts, tools, ideas, and an exercise or two, that you can use in your own process to create new products.

It's important to remember that how each person approaches design will differ, for some people design is and extension for their love of crafting and for others a desire to express something that inspires them. Either way design is about enthusiasm and commitment, and I will share with you the tools I learned for designing and creating new products.

Even if you are not a designer, it will give you insight into the design process.

I want to make this series interactive, let me know what you think, share your process, if you have photo's you would like to share please do. I want to hear from you!

This week's question: What part of the design process do you find most difficult when you are creating?

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