Working on Now

Coming on 3/1/09 a brand new Additions Collection for spring.

Name coming soon (vote for your favorite next week)
Right now, I have several pieces with beads which is a nice pop of color next to the silver washers. I have found some wonderful recycled black washers, which I have been adding slowly to my collection that give a nice industrial flair. Both of these are great for bringing in color, but I want the new collection to be bright, fun, and go with your spring fashions.

I thought it was going to be easy, add some color and be done, but it has been more challenging then I thought. I can add color, but I have been working on how to make it stay. Making my pieces so you can wear them everyday is important, so having the color stay is a big part of the process.

As I work through my process, I will keep you posted on how the collection is coming. So check back soon and mark your calendars for the roll out of the new collection March 1, 2009.

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