Enhance your Creativity

I recently read a newsletter about how change enhances creativity, here are a couple of sections from it that I want to share with you. An important message for all creative people.

With so much uncertainty in the world now, you may be assessing how you can maintain your current existence. But clinging to old ways won't help you thrive in a changing world. If you look at the most successful people, they've not only accepted change, they've initiated it. Consider how rapidly our world has changed and how people who have initiated development are more at ease with change.

Why is change important for creative people? Change:
1. Stimulates creativity
2. Pulls you out of a rut
3. Asks that you develop new skills
4. Requires that you see yourself in a new light
5. Forces you out of your comfort zone
6. Demands that you think differently
7. Nudges you to meet new people
8. Helps you evolve personally and professionally
9. Keeps life interesting
10. Inspires you to assess what's important

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  1. So true - I'm in the midst of changing my ceramics style now and it IS opening new creativity! Thanks for the post :)


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