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This time of year is all about planning, and I'm finding it hard to get started this year. Everyday I try to find new ways to attract new customers, and market my business online, and I realized there is a lot of info out there.

Have you noticed that running a business online is more than a full time job? You have to keep your shop updated, well stocked, attractive for your customers to keep them coming back, and to bring in new ones. There is lots and lots of writing, descriptions, blog posts, twitter posts, posts on other blogs, and e-mails, just to name a few. As you know the most important thing is marketing. Finding places on the web for ads, to create a buzz about your product, meet new potential customers, and let people get to know you so they want to purchase your items without ever have meet you in person.

I find that I can spend hours online even though my reason for having an online business was to create my jewelry. Well the hardest part for me is scheduling my time. So to help me get on track I am going to make a schedule for balance of my creative time with what I need to do for my business. Late this week I will give you an update on my new schedule.

I figure if I put it in writing and out there to all of you, maybe things will actually get done.

Are you ready for success this year?
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