Art Recharge

My attempt at painting
I enjoy the process of making art. I choose designing jewelry, because of my love of metal and creating abstract piece. I like to challenge myself by creating with unexpected materials, adding surprising details, and using color in unpredictable ways. Art is a wonderful way to express yourself.
Over the years I have tired several different art mediums such as drawing, painting, clay, textile art, and more. Learning new techniques to interpret on metal, and help me think differently about the work I create. Painting is a medium that I enjoy the process, but I find it challenging to get my ideas out of my head on the canvas. I have tried working with different painting mediums and still struggle with the process. I envy artist who have those skills, but I guess that’s what makes us all different. Even though I am not a good painter, I do it when I have a chance, the process helps me with my own work to think outside the box, discover new things about myself, and recharge my creative process.
When was the last time you stepped outside your medium comfort zone to discover new things about yourself and recharge your art?
Another attempt

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